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Meet The Team


Celeste Teo

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Celeste is a recently qualified Clinical Psychologist at University College London. Prior to training, Celeste completed her undergraduate education in Singapore and worked in the Institute of Mental Health (Singapore). 


Born a Malaysian, Celeste grew up in various South East Asian countries and is passionate about learning different languages. In her free time, Celeste enjoys kickboxing, barre, hiking, exploring museums, performing arts and reading in a park. She is the go-to person for any interesting plays or exhibitions in London. She strives to live an environmentally conscious life.

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Prakriti Gupta-Stelk (Praku)

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Praku is a recently qualified Clinical Psychologist at University College London. Prior to training, she worked as a research associate at UNESCO, an ABA therapist and the National Centre for Autism in India. Praku grew up in Delhi, India for most of her life and started studying abroad in 2011 (the first foray into international student territory). 


Besides work, Praku spends her free time baking cakes and coming up with new recipes for her blog. When not cooking she can be found playing with dogs all around London or discovering new places.

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Samantha Yong

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Samantha is a recently qualified Clinical Psychologist at the University of Exeter and also the first international trainee from the University. Born and raised in Malaysia but has spent most of her higher education overseas. Samantha completed her psychology degree in the US and pursued her master’s degree at KCL. Prior to training, she worked for an organisation that provides free mental health services to refugees and asylum seekers in Malaysia.


After work, she enjoys a couple of gin and tonic with friends! Her current favourite gin is Papillion Gin from Dartmoor. She also loves travelling and exploring places. She has travelled to more than 20 countries and is able to speak 4 languages.

Seryn Chang

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Seryn is a first-year trainee at University College London. She moved from Malaysia to the U.K. in 2015 for her undergraduate degree. Prior to training, she completed a Master's degree at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) and worked in NHS mental health services. 

 Outside of training life,  she loves trying new restaurants, brunch or dim sum on the weekends, spin classes, and going to the cinema.

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Sin Ting Yung

Sin Ting is from Hong Kong. She is a third-year trainee at the University of Leicester. Kleinian psychoanalytic approach has somehow absorbed her attention whilst she is equally enthralled by the third-wave CBT models.


When Sin Ting is not in the office, she may be caught reading crime fiction in the mountains or sailing.


Michelle Mok

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Michelle is a second-year Trainee Clinical Psychologist at University College London. Whilst born and bred in Hong Kong, Michelle did her psychology masters degrees at the University of Edinburgh and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN). Before getting onto clinical training, Michelle also worked as an Assistant Psychologist in South London.

Outside of work, Michelle enjoys cooking, travelling, sharing conversations with friends, watching YouTube and can sometimes be overly passionate about learning Korean language and the contemporary culture in South Korea. Fyi/Tmi: Han River is her all-time favourite spot in Seoul. 


Sakshi Shetty Chowdhury

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Sakshi is a second-year trainee at University College London. Having grown up in Bangalore in India, she moved to the UK to do her undergraduate degree at Durham and masters at Bath before working as an Assistant Psychologist in London. 


Outside of work, Sakshi loves spending time with friends, eating her way through London and getting very competitive on the tennis court (minus the skill). She also loves to travel and is always planning her next holiday!


Kathy Chau

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Kathy is currently a first-year trainee at the University of Birmingham. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she spent most of her time there prior to training. Having received tremendous kindness in the profession, she is excited to pay it forward.

In her free time, Kathy enjoys catching up with friends and watching thrillers and stand-up comedies.